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Why I need.. //
Tuesday, 1 March 2016
Reasons I need you:

1. To push my chair.
2. Chase cats away because I am one chicken shit who are terrified of cats.
3. Motivate me to study when I am a lazy bum
4. Tickle my feet
5. Give me hugs and kisses.
6. Smile for me because I love your smile.
7. Buy drink for me when we're at the cafe.
8. Give me your jacket when its cold/hot

 To be honest, all of this don't matter.. I'm just kidding.. why do I really need you? Because you're everything I have ever longed for, you're literally everything to me. Therefor;

9. Love me
10. Be with me forever ♥ 

p/s: theres so much more but I can never finish stating them.
But most of all, I need you because you complete me in so many ways I never thought you could.

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