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Every beat //
Thursday, 19 November 2015

She puts her head on his chest just to hear his heartbeat because every beat counts, every single time his heart skips a beat because of her kisses, she smiles. How can she ever be in love with someone else when she's too busy loving him like crazy. How can she not freak out thinking that one day just maybe she'll lose him because if she did, she'll lose it ; her mind, her happiness, her laughter & her heart. She wants to be happy but she thinks that she doesn't deserve it, she doesn't deserve to laugh like she did, like she use to. But ever since he walked into her life, she felt nothing but joy and rapture. All she wanted was to be with him and only him. He made her feel appreciated, he made her feel special, loved and it felt like the world to her.

I will always love you. Always

xo, lea

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