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Thursday, 8 October 2015


Is it really true when people say you meet the person you're meant to be with but there is always things that get in the way of all that? Is it true that we are just souls living in a body that would decay over time? Is it true that the moon loved the sun so much it dies every morning just to let her shine? Is it real when you know you love a person but you let them go so that they could do what's best for themselves? Is it true that whenever your heart breaks, a part of you dies along with it? I've so much questions that I need answers to, I guess you have your own baggage as well but have you ever wondered if any of them make any sense? Any sense at all? Most of mine are full of crap and the ones I've stated is just a handful of them. There's just too much to ask yet so little time for them to be answered. Maybe, just maybe.. we are all lost and caught up in a fantasy dream that makes us oblivious to the things around us. Or better yet, we are all dying to survive in a world where we constantly ask ourselves if it is true.

xo, lea

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