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Friday, 18 September 2015


I guess what people say is true. Maybe I'm the one who is afraid of what the future holds. Maybe I'm the one who doesn't want to trust the people around me. Maybe I'm the one who is scared to fall for someone who has shown and cared so much, for someone who has been there for me. I have issues. I have god damn issues that I need to work on. I guess its true then.. I guess I do push people away. Am I afraid? Am I scared to fall again? Or am I just afraid about the fact that I might get hurt again? Or better yet, maybe I'm just a loner that wants to be alone deep down.. I don't deserve you. I really don't. It kills me inside seeing you sad or stressed up about things but you see.. I'm the cause to all that shit and I didn't realized till today. I'm truly sorry but I'm not what you want nor what you expected.

xo, lea

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