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Sunday, 19 July 2015


You know when you meet new people in life? And you get so attached to them when you didn't even plan to? Yup. That's the one thing I'm truly afraid of. Being so bloody attached to people who you don't even know will stay. I tried keeping my distance but look where that got me huh. Am still here, still talking to you.. still wanting to tell you things I've never really told anyone. I'm used to people leaving and all that crap but its different when its with you, its way different. But well the world isn't a wish granting machine right? All I could hope for is better days ahead, better bonding time with people, spend quality time with family and a wiser choice in picking who to trust.

P/S : To whomever who is reading, you are always worth it. Never ever let anyone tell you that you can't or cannot do stuff that is way out of your league :) x.

xo, lea

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