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Friday, 10 July 2015

Who doesn't love looking at clouds.. I know I'm crazy about it.

To be honest, Ramadhan is leaving way too soon. It's one of the fastest Ramadhan yet. Didn't really feel it that much or maybe because I'm too occupied with assignments and shits like that. So I'm back in KL for 2 weeks yay! I've been looking forward for this "holiday" thing sampai takde feel nak study haha. But thats all I ever think about in class, going home, eating, sleeping, spending time with my family. That's literally all I think about when I'm in class. Thank god I don't have to anymore because yes! I'm home! That feeling when you actually open your front gate like a boss uhm YAS ! Anyway, Yanti left for IPG and I miss her already. Thankfully there's Jiha around to hear me crap. I have no idea why people say I don't talk much but in reality I do! Maybe I'm quite person in class but if you stay in the same house as me....omg I'm the most bising one, the most hyperactive one, the one who annoys everyone in the house. Don't believe me? Ask Jiha. She kinda laughed when someone told her I'm a person who doesn't really talk much or interact with people. Yeah she laughed. But I'm really blessed to have a friend like her. Part nak kejut dia sahur/pergi kelas je susah hahahaha. I still love you mwah! Lets end it here for now, will write soon. Adios!

P/S: Salam Ramadhan ♥

xo, lea

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